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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced Mrs. Mampho Alina Tjabane from Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) with 1611 votes as the winner of the elections for the Stadium Area Constituency.

The announcement was made during the release of election results for this constituency at IEC premises in Maseru on Saturday, following fresh elections which were held at this constituency last Friday.

Speaking at the event, IEC Chairperson Mr. Mphasa Mokhochane said as prescribed by the National Assembly Electoral Act of 2011 section 44, which provides that if a nominated candidate for elections dies before voting begins or no candidate is nominated for elections, the returning officer shall declare in the prescribed form that the elections have failed, saying as, on September 28, the returning officer for Stadium Area constituency declared a failed elections as a result of the passing of the Basothuland Total Liberation Congress (BTLC) candidate in this constituency.

He said the commission, therefore, notifies His Majesty the King who upon notification has to proclaim the date of the elections within four days thus this constitutes the fresh elections.

Mr. Mokhochane added that after the proclamation of fresh elections in this constituency, 16 local observer groups had shown interest in observing and no international observer applications were received.

He said the commission faced financial constraints in the preparation and conducting of the National Assembly elections and one of the many challenges which were encountered was the untimely death of one of the candidates at the Stadium Area constituency.

He added that there has been a delay in the disbursement of funds to hold these fresh elections, saying the commission decided to use available resources which were procured to conduct general elections. They included the ballot paper and voters’ roll amongst others.

He further said the general elections which were held on October 07 had been one of the most turbulent in the history of elections, saying the commission was flooded with applications from political parties that aspired to contest for public office.

He said these elections attracted heightened interest from all quarters of the nation, ranging from the youth, women, elderly, entrepreneurs and even naturalised citizens.

He added that the commission was overwhelmed with the level of interest and influx of applications of political parties and independent candidates, saying a total of 65 political parties registered with the commission, 52 contested in the National Assembly Elections and 26 independent candidates.

In conclusion, Mr. Mokhochane said the commission is committed to standing up for its values to make Lesotho a better place for all and produce effective elections.

Speaking in an interview, Ms. Itumeleng Ntja from the Reformed Congress of Lesotho (RCL) said they are satisfied with the results as there was transparency.

She, however, said though they wanted to win the constituency, the people of the Stadium Area made their choice.

At least 15,575 people registered with IEC in this constituency but only 3042 people voted. In addition, 35 political parties contested elections in this constituency as three parties withdrew for various reasons.

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