Lesotho and Namibia Strengthen Ties with Accreditation of New High Commissioner and Call for General Cooperation Agreement

The President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr. Nangolo Mbumba, has officially accredited Mr. Ntsime Jafeta as the High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Lesotho to the Republic of Namibia. This formal accreditation followed Mr. Jafeta’s presentation of his letter of credence to President Mbumba in Namibia.

During the presentation, Mr. Jafeta emphasized the importance of establishing a General Cooperation Agreement between the two countries. He highlighted that such an agreement would provide a legal framework for the identification and implementation of bilateral cooperation programs.

A General Cooperation Agreement would facilitate enhanced collaboration in various sectors, such as trade, education, health, and infrastructure development. This agreement could lead to increased economic opportunities, improved public services, and strengthened political and cultural ties between Lesotho and Namibia. By formalizing these cooperative efforts, both nations would be better positioned to address common challenges and achieve mutual benefits, fostering a more robust and sustainable partnership.

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